Q: How long does each interview last?

A: The normal length of an interview at the Marketplace is fifteen minutes. Be Punctual. When the bell rings, please move to your next appointment or into the exhibit hall.

Q: As a shipper what is the cost of attending ECA Marketplace?

A: A Shipper's cost to attend Marketplace is FREE (not including the fully-refundable $250.00 deposit)! The Carrier members of ECA support Shipper attendance at the show. And, the shipper company also has the opportunity for additional reimbursements. So, cost to the Shipper is minimal compared to the return on investment in meeting quality Carriers from every region of the United States.

Q: How do I choose the carriers I want to meet?

A: After a Shipper's registration forms are completed and submitted to the ECA offices, approximately 4 weeks prior to the Marketplace, each shipper representative will receive Carrier Profiles. These profiles provide pertinent information about the Carrier service capabilities, service territory, equipment and other specific information that shippers require while evaluate any Carrier vendor. The Shipper ranks the Carrier profiles on a weighted scale. The Shippers interview schedule is created from this weighted scale profiling.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being apart of ECA?

We offer many benefits including background checks, Real Estate Advantage, Courier Board, and many more.

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Q: How is the MarketPlace Different than other networking events?

The Express Carriers Association's Annual MarketPlace is a true working conference.  Based on the information provided by our vendors, shippers, and carriers, we match them up together for 2 days of intense meetings.  We have had over 6000 meetings with companies that strategically align with each other.  

Q: May I take part in interview sessions without having pre-registered?

A: No. All participants in interview sessions & social events must be pre-registered for ECA Marketplace. We require that all participants wear your badge to all events.

Q: Listen to why attendees keep attending the MarketPlace?

We recommend listening to the video links below where actual members and attendees discuss why they keep coming back!

ECA Carrier Members explain why the attend the MarketPlace

Shippers rave about finding carrier partners 

Exhibitors talk about getting scheduled interviews

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